Positions of Authority

A variety of rulers and leaders act to control and maintain King’s Reach, and beside them are hundreds of support positions. Below is a list of various feudal roles and government positions as well as individuals who work in those roles.

Abol- The King of the nation. The individual with this position finalizes all fiscal decisions which cost the kingdom over one-thousand gold. In addition, they decide who holds land and title as the lower positions. Other than that, they are the king and can kinda do whatever they want.

Serylian- These individuals are known by the shorthand “Sery,” while they travel around as judges and executioners for major crimes. They may not hold any land or property, but they are allowed to insist to have any of their needs or wants met by local Illiths or leaders while they are traveling. Most of these individuals have some military background.

Illith- Illiths are given land and title. They are expected to provide fiscal support by raising taxes and troops if the government requires it. Furthermore, these individuals are expected to maintain law and order as well as provide reasonable living conditions for their citizens. The government is known for cutting off unfavored Illiths if the population turns on them.

Other less prestigious positions are more commonly held. These positions often come with perks within a certain community and a moderate amount of base respect outside of that community when first introduced.
Mayors, Officers of the State, Dung Engineer

Positions of Authority

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