The Kant family includes all those with a direct relation to the royal family. In order for an individual to be recognized as a member of the family, they must be born in one of the households, whereupon they immediately are given a birth certificate from a compliance officer. Occasionally, for acts of great service, some of these families will adopt outsiders, giving them the name change and the connections. These families may not have the same last name, but they receive a “k” within their name, to denote a royal relation.

Kant households: K’Serens, K’Hafrey, K’Stancil, K’Rortenshen, K’Abol, and the K’Mayne

The Kant families control most major forms of trade, land ownership, and even most positions in government. Having a single letter can give so much power.

The actual Kant main branch currently consists of the nation’s current Abol, Abol Ulric Kant II


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