Jack was charismatic and Aisling had a plan.
Ivon was intimidating and Sebastian had style.
The group was a culmination of morally-gray at best individuals who would go on to shape the world.

King’s Reach, or Tar-Han in the old tongue, was one of the most powerful and traditional federalism in the world. For seven generations, the Kants had ruled the nation, handing land and prestige to the nobility of their choice. It was a simple, balanced system. That would all change within time.
The greatest treasure any individual could ever achieve was immaterial: it was Infamy.

This is the tale of a group of adventurers who would seek out infamy and power. For one, it would be a hunt for the perfect con, for the others it would be everything from an accumulation of power and knowledge to perfecting the art of death (or even post-death).

Compliance Will Be Rewarded

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